A Day Without Technology


Without technology how would anyone feel a day? Technology is a era of modern science. It wills him very difficult to pass the day without technology. But it is very enjoyable for me that I like the nature and most of the time we cannot think that without technology the life is impossible.

 For example a whole day you cannot touch or use any kind of technology that time you are only feel the beauty of a nature and also stress less and you feel to free any kind of work or any kind of mental presser also you do not need to think  outside your life or something else. Anyone can spend one day free from technology and experience the benefits of it. Quality time can be spending with family and friends without any tension. I might be think fishing and swimming is the best way to pass a day without technology because it is gives us faith and it is also a fun and enjoyable work when we caught the fish first then go to swim. Feel like the peace around everywhere no work pressure that time and feel relax. traveling is a part of refreshment and u can travel anywhere without technology.

 One can have enough or a lot of fun without interruption from phone calls something else from the other people or even workmates. Story and experience sharing with the friends and family are achievable without no technology or can engage refreshing activities are fun because it allows us to do outdoor activities which is good for health.in night times anyone can enjoy if the night is moonlight night and the night mood the Dhaka city is very beautiful and no one crowding no traffic jam etc. & I love the city night. In the night time the Dhaka city is exposed the nature and also day time there are different beauty exposed.

A day without technology is enjoyable and good but it also causes some problem for us like missing an urgent call which can bring opportunities for any one life. And we are used to this kind of technology. These technologies are playing a role to every one’s life. Because we grow up with the technology. You can leave without technology for some days or a month but after the month you can bored because you cannot use any kind of technology. And that is the reality    

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