Resilient students,Resilient University

25637347_1550600321702365_1688233603_oIn this paper at first I will try to define the term “Resilience” and afterward I will discuss about the positive sides of resilience and the condition of Bangladeshi university resilience. Resilience refers the adoption in other professional settings such as compulsory education, youth and social work. On the one hand, the term resilience seems to offer new hope within a sector that has changed beyond recognition over the last twenty years – a sector that needs to retain its standards and values, while offering mass, even universal, higher education to a cohort who appear to be increasingly emotionally troubled. At the heart of resilience is the idea that people and whole systems can respond creatively to challenges.We live in a time of rapid and unpredictable change. The ability to navigate this change successfully – as individuals, organizations and whole societies – depends on our resilience. If anyone is a resilient, he/she have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that help him/her to maintain mental and physical wellbeing. But resilience is more than simply managing stress and surviving with dignity. It is associated with positive human qualities – communication, empathy, creativity and cooperation.

Resilience has some positive factors. Firstly, Resilience is tangible as it can be defined and is influenced by both internal and external factors, with students’ social environment having a significant role to play. Secondly, higher resilience is associated with higher life satisfaction. Thirdly, resilience can be developed – through innovative instructions and students’ social and living environment. Fourthly, the evidence is that a better understanding of resilience could have a significant impact on improving outcomes for both students and universities. Change and challenges are the fundamental to the development of who we are. Resilience helps to increase self confidence and to face the challenges as well as it creates positive mentality towards challenges. Resilience increased the leadership qualities, civic values, to improve communication skills and etc. Through resilience it becomes easy to meet with different kinds of people and a resilient gradually learns how to deal with different kinds of people. It isn’t easy to leave the family and suddenly start to live like a resilient but it is not impossible too as Nietzsche would say, “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” Truly resilient people not only recover from these experiences, but find opportunity in the struggle and come out as stronger than before. Many scholars and business leaders alluded that resilience is a key individual difference between those who make a powerful impact with good ideas and those who don’t, those who those who succeed and those who fail. In order keep moving we must gather our bones. Resilience isn’t only limited to surviving the depths and terrors of the grind rather It is also about keeping a hopeful heart, believing in the magic of this Universe, and never losing our sense of humor. If we take ourselves too seriously, we will burn out. We must be light-hearted as much as possible. the teachers also have valuable roles to play. They can create safe and supportive environment and also can provide guidelines for the students.The resilience life taught a student to cope with the world and at the same time it does increase the capabilities of those students in so many sectors. When the students are at home that time most of the cases parents do manage everything but when a student go for resilience that time he/she has to maintain everything by their own and it increases their self dependency. In university resilience the concerned authority should include some interesting tasks which may help the students to learn something new.

In Bangladesh there are so many public and private universities and most of the students of those universities leave their home in order to complete their graduation. In this sort of situation it is very much needed for the students to have resilience in their own university. In most of the public universities the students get the chance to stay in the university resilience on the other hand the students of private universities are deprived from this advantage. If we try to make a comparison with other developed countries then it will show the fact that the Bangladeshi university resilience’s are not enough for the students and the same university authorities need to improve the standard of the university resilience. If the private universities provide the university resilience for its student then the authorities should provide it with as lowest cost as possible. As I have discussed before in my paper that the development of resilience isn’t fixed therefore it is important to development the resilience facility time to time. As a developing country the students of Bangladesh have so many potentials and they can use their potential if the university resilience uses the innovative and effective methods to improve their skills.


In conclusion we can say that resilience does increase the confidence of any student to face the challenges. It does also increase the capabilities of every student. If we talk about the Bangladeshi university resilience then it is mandatory to mention that the private universities should provide their students to have university resilience. Additionally, the public universities should improve the qualities of university resilience. The universities should improve the environment of the resilience as it may increase the mental health of any student. In your life it is very much important to love and discover yourself and resilience helps us to resilience surely helps us to find and love ourselves. The numbers of students are increasing day by day in Bangladesh, it is necessary to ensure more and more university resilience for the students. The authorities of the university resilience always should be helpful. The university resilience also should add the recreation and learning activities. It also should have library & cafeteria. If it is possible then in university resilience there also should present some facilities for the students to visit the psychiatric hence it may help to develop the mental health of the students.


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