Increasing communication through technology and decreasing face to face interaction


Communication is the way to communicate information. People may or may not be able to communicate information from the device to the device. The medium may also be words, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. It is also communicated through communication. Communication is most important part of our life. In 21th century without communication a man or women cannot stay. Because each and every second you are systematically forced to communicate with the others. For example when you buy something to yourself like food item that time you should force to communicate people. You can apply face to face communication and also online communication through apps. 

In the previous years the technology wasn’t develop compare to recent years. But today’s technology makes us to easier to communicate people. The technology gives us new innovative invention like online application. People use social media through internet for better communication and those who are leave in to long distance they are easily connected to each other’s and they communicate. That’s why people said that technology makes us easier to communicate.

People those who are doesn’t know to each other’s they were connected in their virtual life through technology. Like Facebook, Instagram, skype etc. those are social media. Because of the long distance and also shortage of time people are communicate to the virtual life. And that’s why face to face communications are less down. Communication is very important. Sometimes it happened in virtual life and sometime it happened face to face interaction. Now day’s people need to communicate to their friends then they apply in the virtual life (social media) .that why face to face communication is less. In the virtual life communication skill stable but face to face communication skills are decrease because of the virtual communication. Practices makes perfect. Suppose you are a managing director of an organization your boss tells you that you will handle a project and you communicate to the customer. When you communicate to the customers and you handle this problem that is face to face communication skill but every one losing to this skill because of the virtual communication.

Technology creates the new invention of communication for virtual. Like skype emo vievr what’s app etc. those are online based apps. This apps are work in two ways face to face communication (video call)  and normal conversation. Because of decreasing face to face communication skills. But now everyone do not decrease face to face communication skill and also Japanese are like to face to face communication and if you work with an Japanese organization they will prefer to face to face communication




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